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Talent Acquisition, Global Mobility ,Managed Solutions, Strategic Resourcing , Consulting and Payroll Services for Mining, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing Industries.

About Us

“Asset Reliability Engineering is vital in any industry that engages sophisticated machinery to optimize its production and achieve its targets. From extracting oil and gas through to downstream processing of ores and manufacturing, the need for reliability-based inspection and quality management systems are of paramount importance.”

Feamltd has identified a niche in asset reliability engineering and will mobilize the required experienced and skilled labour to carry out asset inspection and maintenance management to optimize asset integrity and enhance production industry wide.

The company is staffed with experienced and well-respected professionals possessing a wealth of knowledge in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Construction and Manufacturing industry in PNG.

The company combines local expertise to deliver quality HR Services, while ensuring reliability and positive client relationship with stakeholders.

Our Services


Technical Services

Feamltd is confident of achieving results in our technical services with our partnership of BGS Testing Services in the Philippines. Our Risk Based Inspection (RBI) team is comprised of qualified individuals with accumulated experience and skills in asset inspection and maintenance management for more than 50 years. With this, we are able to assist our client to optimize its asset integrity, maintenance management and flawless execution of its operations enhancing its production.

Our Areas of interest include but not limited to the following:

Mine & Mill maintenance

Condition Monitoring and integrity inspection of heavy equipment, machinery and trucks (body/trailer works, shovels,springs/suspension systems, bearing systems)


Tank floor scanning, wall thickness tests and corrosion control (cleaning & coating)


Integrity Inspections, corrosion monitoring and cathodic protection systems

Power House

Condition Monitoring and vibration analysis for rotating equipment

Central Engineering Workshops

Weld inspections of heavy equipment, machinery and trucks (body/trailer works, shovels, springs/suspension systems, bearing systems) and can include a wide range of operations

Corrosion Inspection & Monitoring

Determine structural analysis for remaining life, cost/benefit analysis and safety as well as asset integrity, protection, coating etc.


Recruitment Services

We provide recruitment and selection of PNG Citizens and expatriates at all levels to resource mining, oil & gas, manufacturing, commercial private sector and major state-owned enterprises, government entities and authorities, NGOs and Donor agencies.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Recruitment done via recruitment database and other social media platforms including Newspapers and Television.
• Candidates screening and shortlisting
• Interviews and recruitment administration
• Salary Review and Packaging
• Payroll Services


Payroll Services

We have a team of competent Payroll and Billing officers under the leadership of our Payroll and Billing Coordinator with a vast experience in Payroll Administration.

Our services include but are not limited to:

• Payroll Administration
• Nasfund
• Salary Packaging
• Savings & Loans Facilitation
• Group Tax Administration

Contact Us

Address: P. O. Box: 1877, Boroko, National Capital District,121, Papua New Guinea

Enquiries email: enquiries@feamltd.com